Gardening was Margaret’s gateway to floral design. As a young girl she was fascinated by the process of planting a seed, tending it and seeing it bloom. That love of growing her own flowers led Margaret to a long and endlessly enjoyable career in floristry.


Margaret now brings her passion for gardening to Farmgate Floral Design. Working with seasonal flowers she grows in her own garden allows her to provide the freshest, most local blooms possible, minimises air miles and is kind to nature.

A beautiful home-grown flower arrangement by Margaret Cook at Farmgate Floral Design

Blowsy peonies, looking ready for a night at the opera, are the stars of this garden-grown arrangement

From early spring, delicate narcissi begin to find their way into Margaret’s work, followed by the astounding colours and forms of tulips, and the glory of peonies. Headily scented roses and sweet peas are summer highlights, with dahlias and chrysanthemums continuing into late autumn.


As well as growing a large range of popular blooms every year, Margaret loves to work with clients well in advance, so she can ‘grow to order’, ensuring she has the perfect selection of flowers to complement their colour scheme or theme.


In addition to using flowers from her own garden, Margaret works with other Scottish growers to source material for her work, and if clients wish, she can supplement local blooms with flowers from further afield to achieve their chosen look. As an experienced florist, Margaret knows how to make the very most of local flowers, including how to keep them in perfect condition, so clients can be sure that their bouquets and arrangements will look dewy and fresh for the duration of their events.

A beautiful home-grown floral arrangement by Margaret Cook of Farmgate Floral Design

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